Installing Pervasync Client for SQLite on Android and Blackberry

Pervasync clients for Android and Blackberry synchronize the on device native SQLite databases with your central database. The installation process includes downloading and setting up.


NOTE: Pervasync supports Android version 1.5 and newer, Blackberry version 5.0 and newer.


Download and Install the Binaries

Enter the following URL to the web browser on your mobile device.


http://<sync server name>:<port>/pervasync


You will be presented with the Pervasync start page where you can find the links to the Pervasync client apk file for Android and jad file for Blackberry. Click to download and install.


NOTE: If you are using a Blackberry device simulator, you will need to start the MDS simulator in order for the Blackberry browser to work. Also, on devices with Blackberry OS 5.0, the Pervasync start page may not be rendered properly. In that case, enter the following URL of the jad file directly to the browser on your Blackberry.


http://<sync server name>:<port>/pervasync/download/pervasync.jad


Below are screen shots for installation of Pervasync on Android devices.



On Blackberry devices you will see the following.



After a successful installation, you can find Pervasync app icon among other installed apps. Click to launch the client app.


Setup Pervasync Client

The first time you launch the Pervasync client, you will be presented with the sync client setup screen, which has the following fields to fill in.


  • Server Url – Pervaync server url. Use the name/IP of the host that has the sync servlet deployed. Don’t forget the port number if it’s not 80.
  • Sync User Name – Pervasync user name. The user and device should be created on sync server using server admin API or the web-based admin console. This can be done before or after client setup. The user name, device name and user password that are set here have to match those that are created on server so that the client can sync with the server.
  • Device Name – Pervasync user device name. By default, it’s DEFAULT.
  • User Password – Pervasync user password.


Optionally you can change the sync direction and log level.


Following are screen shots for Android and Blackberry devices respectively.




Click “Setup” button to start the setup process. Once you are done with the setup, Pervasync client will be re-launched displaying the “Sync” tab for Android and “Sync” screen for Blackberry. You are now ready to start a sync session. Jump to section 5.3 to learn how to do synchronization, browse synced tables and files and how to embed the sync client into your on-device application.


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